We only discovered once we started making candles, that, like most things in life, they require a little bit of TLC to get the best out of them.

Firstly, to make sure your little treasure burns evenly and neatly.. ALWAYS trim those wicks!  Each time before relighting, just simply snip or pull off the end (that ugly, mushroomy bit) - and you'll get a nice trim wick ready to be lit again.

Another little tip, you should always light your candle long enough so that the burn pool reaches the edges.  This means the wax will melt down nice and evenly - avoiding any of that annoying caving in the middle.

Lastly! Watch those floating wicks.. if your candle has been lit for hours, and a lot of the wax is liquid - then your wicks will swim around.  Make sure they are always centred (perhaps use a pencil to re-align), so the flame isn't touching the edge of the candle.